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Why I (Re)Started This Site...

You may or may not know this was once a Men’s lifestyle blog. Clearly there’s been a major overhaul.


Because I want to share some of the things I’ve learned over the years creating content both as a freelancer and for personal use.

They Say All Good Things Come To An End... But

I started Terence’s Corner because I thought it’d be a good place to share some of the things I found interesting about Men’s Lifestyles – specifically Men’s Grooming.

I had no idea where it would lead me.. but what started out as a little side project eventually led to some incredible relationships and opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

The say all good things come to an end… but

I say all good things Evolve!

I decided to pivot.

Now I’m sharing all of the things I know and picked up about Content Marketing and writing for other brands.

If you read any of my previous content, I’m truly humbled and appreciate you for being a part of that journey – You helped me get to where I’m at today.

If you enjoy blogging or creating written content in any form then I’m glad to have you here.

Welcome to the “new” corner.

Feel free to check out some of my favorite topics below.

– Terence